Sep 26, 2020

Is Theology Only for Pastors?

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Our 2020 State of Theology survey unveils what Americans think about God, the Bible, truth, and ethics. Conducted in partnership with Lifeway Research, the full results of this survey are now available.

America’s increasingly secular culture gives the impression that theology, the study of God and all that He has revealed, is no longer considered relevant to everyday people. However, 75 percent of U.S. adults disagreed with the following statement from our 2020 survey: “Learning about theology is for pastors and scholars only.”

We asked Ligonier Teaching Fellow Dr. Stephen Nichols to help us interpret these surprising findings.

While the majority of Americans deny basic tenets of the Christian faith, it seems that many still profess a desire to have some understanding of who God is. Sadly, the State of Theology survey suggests that an increasing number of Americans are constructing their theology apart from God’s written revelation in the Bible.

Especially with the fears and concerns occasioned by COVID-19, people may now be giving more thought to ultimate matters of eternal significance. This presents the church with a unique opportunity to respond with the truth that God Himself has revealed in His Word. We hope that these survey results will help equip Christians to do just that.