Mar 20, 2024

New Edition: R.C. Sproul’s Book on the Cross

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Until we understand what Jesus accomplished on the cross, we will not understand the Christian faith. God is holy, so He cannot simply overlook our sin. That means we all stand condemned before His righteous judgment. In order to find deliverance from the wrath we deserve, we must look to the Savior who has paid the penalty of sin for those who trust in Him.

In The Truth of the Cross, Dr. R.C. Sproul surveys the Bible’s teaching about the cross of Christ and the grace of God in redeeming His people. A new paperback edition of this book is available now. Order your copy today.

Save When You Order Today

As part of this week’s Spring Sale, you can get 25% off The Truth of the Cross. This sale also features many other discounted resources on the person and work of Jesus Christ. Order today and save, while supplies last.

A Resource for Growth and Discipleship

In addition to helping Christians reflect on the atonement, The Truth of the Cross provides a helpful introduction to the gospel and the salvation that Christ accomplished for all who trust in Him. The portable new edition of Dr. Sproul’s book makes it simple to share with those you are discipling or take with you to work or school. You can also order copies of this book to have on hand when you encounter people who are curious about the Christian faith.