Mar 30, 2022

The Lord’s Day: Now Available on DVD

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For millennia, God’s people have set aside one day each week for rest and worship. It wasn’t too long ago that shops and restaurants closed on Sunday, recognizing that this day is unique. Times and attitudes have changed since then, both outside the church and within. But have they changed for the better? When few people see Sunday as sacred, it’s time to ask if we’ve lost something vital along the way.

Dr. W. Robert Godfrey’s video teaching series The Lord’s Day: Sabbath Worship and Rest is now available on DVD and to stream. In six messages, Dr. Godfrey surveys the Bible and church history to discover God’s purpose for the Lord’s Day. By exploring Scripture’s teaching and the practice of Christians who have come before us, we can better appreciate the refreshment and delight that God intends His day to bring. Order your copy on DVD today, and you’ll also gain access to the digital teaching series in your Learning Library, allowing you to watch these messages anytime and keep them forever.

Do you already own The Lord’s Day as a digital download? Get the new DVD edition for your Sunday school class or Bible study and use the companion study guide. You can also study the Sabbath together with a community of growing Christians around the world with the Ligonier Connect course.

Watch the first message from this series for free.

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