Sep 9, 2021

Watch Now: The Heart of the Savior

1 Min Read

As the shadow of the cross loomed, Jesus shared His final hours with the disciples to prepare them for His death, quiet their troubled hearts, and intercede on their behalf before the Father. This Upper Room Discourse, recorded in the gospel of John, is one of the most intimate portions of Christ’s teaching, revealing the heart of the Savior for His redeemed people.

Recently, Dr. Sinclair Ferguson joined our president and CEO, Chris Larson, to discuss John 14–17. Watch now as they consider how these chapters enhance our understanding of the character of Christ, the depths of His sacrificial love, and the calling of every Christian to reflect the Savior’s heart.

This special event was streamed on Ligonier’s website, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Please share this stream with your family and friends.