Oct 20, 2009

The Godness of God - Ligonier Leadership Conference (III)

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"Sovereignty is the Godness of God." -- Steve Lawson talks about "Our Sovereign God" at the Ligonier Leadership Conference

Like many people, I did not grow up in a Reformed church, and Calvinism was often used as a dirty word in some of the churches I attended. Although when I was younger I often concurred with that evaluation of Reformed theology, I have to admit that I did find myself wrestling with those biblical passages that portray the absolute sovereignty of the Lord. I also wondered how God could truly be called God if, as I was often taught, He "limited" His sovereignty so that He was not truly in charge of the decisions of men and women.

Of course, God cannot be God if He is not absolutely sovereign over all events. If He is not in control of just one thing, it would be possible for some unexpected event to take Him by surprise and ruin His plan. If our will is somehow more determinative then the Lord's, then we have a sovereignty that the Lord lacks.

That, in short, is the whole point of Dr. Lawson's message on our sovereign God, and it is a message we cannot afford ever to miss. It is a truth for which we ought to be grateful to be reminded of today.

Robert Rothwell is associate editor for Tabletalk magazine.