Aug 23, 2010

Tell Us Your Stories

1 Min Read

Collin Hansen has a word for older believers. Asking you to overlook the pride of younger Christians, he asks you to do us one big favor: tell us your stories. "Your stories give us the perspective we haven’t yet gained with experience. We don’t yet understand how much we don’t know. Our youthful bluster masks insecurity. We stand tall against withering attacks from our peers, but we’ve hardly been tested. We fear that when harder times come our faith will prove ephemeral. But your stories gird us against these doubts. So look underneath our confident exterior. You’ll find that younger Christians actually want to hear from older believers about how God demonstrated His faithfulness in their generation." Keep reading to find how stories have influenced Collin, how they have led him to praise God for what he has done in the past, and how they have encouraged him to ask God to do great things in the future.

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