May 20, 2010

Tabletalk 2010: The Next Six Months

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As we approach summertime, our hope is that Tabletalk magazine has proved itself useful this year to the cause of Christ, namely, to magnify and reflect the glory of God.

We’ve already tackled topics such as anxiety and the sovereignty of God (Jan.), arguments against the doctrine of justification by faith alone (Feb.), and the new Calvinist movement (June), to name a few. We trust these issues have been challenging and encouraging. Of course, all this is offered on top of our daily devotional readings and various columns, which deal with entirely different topics throughout the year. What follows is a brief look at what's coming in the final six months of 2010:

In July, we will look carefully at why we worship the way we do, by setting up a friendly debate between two Reformed scholars who differ on a few fundamental points as they relate to worship practices. The August issue continues our annual look into church history with a sweeping overview of the close of the first millennium, the tenth century (complete with its scoundrel of a pope, millennial madness, and spiritual revival). September will discuss the great triad—the Good, the True, and the Beautiful—as they are seen and expressed in the triune God and His creation. In October, we'll offer a helpful overview, from various angles, of what makes up the marks of a Christian, while exhorting our readers to embody such characteristics. The November issue will focus on the challenges faced by Christian college students (such as science, ethical relativism, and biblical criticism), especially in their first year. Finally, in December, we'll be exploring true compassion and how it’s rooted in God; we’ll then move into discussing what that looks like on the ground, so to speak, among God’s people as they practice it in this fallen world.

Tabletalk continues to employ the help of trustworthy and uniquely gifted pastors and scholars from around the world in order to produce thought-provoking, yet faithful teaching on these topics. It is because of the hunger for biblical teaching that the magazine exists today, and it is our hope the church’s hunger for the truth of God’s Word will never be satiated as we await the return of our king.

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