Nov 24, 2009

Tabletalk 2010: The First Six Months

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For more than thirty years, Tabletalk has existed as a magazine for the church. So it strives to help explain important, biblical doctrines and events that shape the church while encouraging people to reflect the image of Christ in both word and deed.

We are proud to follow that same trajectory in 2010--dealing with issues that challenge, exhort, and encourage God's people. And all this is offered on top of our daily devotional readings and various columns, which deal with entirely different topics throughout the year. What follows is a brief look at what's coming in the next six months:

In January, we will look carefully at anxiety and its relationship to God's sovereignty. The February issue presents an analysis of specific statements from N.T. Wright regarding the doctrine of justification and provides a sober response to his writings. March will offer a helpful overview of the book of Acts by focusing on a few of its most important events and themes (the ascension, Pentecost, the Jerusalem Council, and the call to missions). In April, we'll look at how the rapidity of change in our culture has affected many of its institutions, for good and ill, and thus exhort our readers to think and act deliberately in the face of such rapid change. The May issue will focus on the meaning of sanctification, for confusion on this subject can lead to egregious error--legalism or licentiousness. Finally, in June, we'll be looking at "new Calvinism" as it increasingly crops up across America in surprising places, with the intent of offering guidance and encouragement through a friendly analysis of it.

Various contributors--some old, some new--have come alongside us in order to help produce thought-provoking, yet trustworthy teaching on these topics. Look out for monthly updates that further explore the themes of individual issues as the time of their arrival approaches.