Oct 16, 2013

Part 3 of Robert Godfrey's "A Survey of Church History" Study Series Is Here

2 Min Read

The unfolding story of God's work in His world continues with Part 3 of Dr. Robert Godfrey's monumental study series "A Survey of Church History." The Protestant Reformation was a turning point in both theological and historical terms, and in this series Dr. Godfrey carefully brings to life the stories of those men who valiantly stood for the truth of God's Word.

This 12-part teaching series is available on DVD, CD, or downloadable media. A comprehensive study guide can also be freely downloaded.

Twelve, 23-Minute Messages:

  1. Introduction to the Reformation
  2. Martin Luther's Early Life
  3. Martin Luther & the German Reformation
  4. Martin Luther & the Growing Protestant Movement
  5. Martin Luther & the Anabaptists
  6. From the German Reformation to Geneva
  7. John Calvin & Geneva
  8. The Theology of John Calvin
  9. The Catholic Reformation
  10. The Scottish Reformation
  11. The Dutch Reformation
  12. The Synod of Dort

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Part 1, A.D. 100-600 and Part 2, A.D. 500-1500 are also available.