Apr 15, 2013

Part 2 of W. Robert Godfrey's "A Survey of Church History" Study Series Is Here

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The story of God's work in His world continues with Part 2 of Dr. W. Robert Godfrey's monumental study series "A Survey of Church History." Available now on DVD, CD, and as a digital download.

Over 13 lectures, join Dr. Robert Godfrey as he explores the hopes, challenges, triumphs, and tragedies faced by Christ's church after the fall of Rome and through the Middle Ages. Explore a period of time that would prove to be a complex experiment in Christian civilization, one in which the church played a pivotal role in the development of Western government, thought, and culture. Learn about the forerunners who led to the Protestant Reformation.

Thirteen, 23-Minute Messages:

  1. Introduction to the Middle Ages
  2. Justinian & Gregory
  3. Gregory, Missions & Islam
  4. Paths to God: Theologies
  5. Church Power and Dissent
  6. The Crusades
  7. Innocent III
  8. Monasticism & Scholasticism
  9. Theologians Download
  10. Popes & Councils
  11. Great Scholastics
  12. Mysticism & the Renaissance
  13. Forerunners of the Reformation

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You can also preview Part 1 (A.D. 500-1500) of this study series or purchase it on DVD, CD, digital download, or Ligonier Connect.