May 29, 2009

Summer Events to Celebrate John Calvin's Life and Ministry

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July 10, 2009, marks the 500th birthday of reformer John Calvin. There are several events going on this summer that will celebrate John Calvin's life and contributions. Ligonier will also have a special week of Calvin-themed broadcasts on Renewing Your Mind July 6-10.

Ligonier Ministries' Rhine River Cruise and Tour

June 11-24

Dr. R.C. Sproul will be giving an exciting tour of the sites of the Reformation. Along the way we'll celebrate John Calvin's 500th birthday while we visit Geneva for a tour of St. Pierre Cathedral, John Calvin's home, study, and grave site. Zurich, Lausanne, Basel, the Rhine River, Amsterdam, Mainz, Cologne, and Strasbourg will also be on our itinerary. Plus, we'll visit Heidelberg University in Germany where Martin Luther was called to defend the 95 theses. Photos and updates will be blogged throughout the tour here.

Reformation 500 Celebration

July 1-4, Boston, Mass.

This July 1-4, join families from across the nation in Boston, Massachusetts for the Reformation 500 Celebration, hosted by Vision Forum Ministries. Rejoice as we remember the quincentenary of the birth of John Calvin and the 500-year tradition of the Reformers and martyrs whose courage transformed Western civilization. Come to study the far-reaching influence of the Reformation on the creation of freedom-loving nations, the building of a free market system of economics, and the freedom in Christ to follow the Lord—all a result of the rich heritage of the Reformation. Mark your calendars, don your costumes—plan your family vacation now—to secure your pass to this unforgettable event that will include more than forty dynamic history messages, as well as Faith & Freedom mini-tours of historic Boston. The festivities will climax on America's Independence Day with the world-renowned music and fireworks celebration on the Esplanade by the Charles River with the Boston Pops Orchestra.

The Calvin Quincentenary

July 5-9, Geneva, Switzerland

The Calvin Quincentenary is an international, interdenominational and interdisciplinary celebration of the life and work of John Calvin, the great reformer who left such an indelible impression on the modern world. The Anniversary Conferences include two international symposia; both to be held at sites in Geneva's Old Town.

Calvin for the 21st Century

August 27-29, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary will be hosting a conference August 27-29 on the theme, "Calvin for the 21st Century." Speakers will be addressing a variety of ways in which Calvin can assist us in understanding the Word of God, the love of God, the work of the Holy Spirit, redemption, reforming the church, ethics, the benefits of salvation, and reprobation.

With Calvin in the Theater of God

Sept. 25-27, Minneapolis, Minn.

John Calvin saw the world as a theater where the glory of God is always on display. This conference will show how the vision of God that Calvin lived and taught is relevant in all our lives for the parts we play in God's drama. Join Desiring God this September to worship Jesus Christ as we commemorate the 500th anniversary of John Calvin's birth.

Other Events:

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