Sep 17, 2019

Subvert the Sacraments

1 Min Read

Here’s an excerpt from Subvert the Sacraments, Keith A. Mathison's contribution to the September issue of Tabletalk:

Our Enemy has given the sacraments to the church as something His followers like to call “the means of grace.” Your goal is to do everything in your power and then some to prevent the Christians from understanding the sacraments and observing them in such a manner as to strengthen their faith in our Enemy.

We have had great success in achieving our goals of confusing the Christians about the number, nature, and observance of these sacraments. Your responsibility, therefore, is to continue this legacy of success. We have accomplished our goals by pushing His followers toward one of two extremes. On the one hand, we have convinced many to so closely identify the signs with that which they signify that they have fallen into all manner of delightful superstition. On the other hand, we have convinced many others to so separate the signs from that which they signify that they begin to treat the sacraments as relatively unimportant and then begin to ignore the commands of our Enemy. Continue to use these broad tactical maneuvers for optimal results.

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