Jun 20, 2012

Stream the 2012 West Coast Conference for Free

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On June 8–9, more than 3,000 saints gathered in Seattle to stand firm for the central doctrines of the Christian faith. Drs. Steven Lawson, John MacArthur, and R.C. Sproul boldly proclaimed the authority of the Bible, the Trinity, the resurrection of Jesus, the exclusivity of Christ, justification by faith alone, the mortification of sin, and the existence of God.

All of the messages from this conference—including a very special time of questions and answers with Drs. Lawson, MacArthur, and Sproul—are available for you to stream for free. Thank you to everyone who attended.

By making these messages free to watch, our prayer is that the thunder of God's Word would continue to echo through the body of Christ for His glory and our good.

Watch the 2012 West Coast Conference

The 2012 West Coast Conference is also available for order on DVD and CD.