Oct 28, 2009

Stories We Love to Hear

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The Lord is so good to us by allowing our team to hear regularly from folks touched by Ligonier's outreach. Every day brings us new reasons for praise and thankfulness to our holy God as he blesses the ministry of his holy Word. Here are just two testimonies that came through in the past 24 hours:

"When my mother died 5 years ago I took home several of the books in her library. One of those books was The Holiness of God_. I finally got around to reading it a couple of years after that and it had a profound impact on how I viewed God. Recently I started the Christian Women's Book Club for women I know to read and discuss Christian books and The Holiness of God was the first selection. We had our first meeting today and it was a great success. No one in my group of 15 had read the book and all came away so thankful that they did. These are almost all women who have walked with the Lord for several years and yet had never contemplated God's holiness so deeply and consciously. We came away awed, humbled and grateful that God would choose us to be His vessels of mercy. Thank you for this wonderful book!" —_Julia in Minneapolis

"I've only been a Christian for 6 months. God's call came with my husband unexpectedly passing away during that time, the Lord drew me low but it's in the midst of my pain and suffering that God opened my ears and my heart to the truth. I searched for the truth/meaning of life high and low but the place where I understood the gospel and received true biblical teaching for the first time was on this [web] site. I thank God every day for RC and theologians alike. Thank our Lord for being sovereign over everything: I am a South African living in London and found out the truth about our Gracious Lord Jesus on an American site. WOW! All praise be to Him! Thank you so much for Ligonier Ministries." —Charlene in London, UK

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