Oct 24, 2018

The State of Theology in the United Kingdom

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Since 2014, we have taken the theological temperature of the United States in The State of Theology survey. Earlier this month, we released the findings. This year, for the first time we expanded our survey to the United Kingdom. In partnership with ComRes, we interviewed over two thousand British adults on a wide range of questions, from biblical doctrine to ethics.

The results show that the ongoing gospel ministry of local churches across Britain is absolutely vital. When asked whether the resurrection of Jesus actually occurred, one-third of adults replied, “I don’t know.” Even more than that, 37 percent, didn’t know whether God counts a person as righteous because of one’s own works or because of one’s faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Sinclair Ferguson, a Ligonier teaching fellow and associate preacher at St. Peter’s Free Church in Dundee, Scotland, responded to the findings:

“The results of this new survey show conclusively what we have sensed for years: the biblical teaching that once shaped British life now lies largely forgotten, ignored, or demeaned. Very few of our neighbours have ever heard about who Jesus Christ really is and what He accomplished on the cross. This is surely a time to take every opportunity to share the gospel as the power of God for salvation.”

This unparalleled research tool provides a rare glimpse into the state of theology in the United Kingdom. Our goal is to help Christians better understand what their friends and neighbors believe and to equip the local church with better insights for discipleship.

You can find all the survey results at TheStateOfTheology.co.uk, including a discussion of key findings and a data explorer that allows you to compare results by age, church attendance, and more.

Please explore the website and use the data any way you would like. We encourage you to freely share it with pastors, missionaries, researchers, ministry trainees, and friends and family. And don’t forget to take the survey yourself and see how your answers compare.

 For analysis of the data from ComRes, please see their [official report](http://updates.ligonier.org/rs/189-JLA-216/images/Ligonier_State of Theology UK.pdf).