Sep 8, 2020

The State of Theology Survey: 2020 Results

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What do Americans think about Jesus Christ, the Bible, truth, and ethics? Ligonier Ministries’ State of Theology provides insights. Every two years, we take the theological temperature of the United States to help Christians better understand today’s culture and equip the church with better insights for discipleship.

As in previous years, we commissioned a survey of three thousand Americans in partnership with Lifeway Research. Today, we are pleased to release the results from our 2020 survey.

Our president and CEO, Chris Larson, had this to say about the State of Theology survey results:

“This survey shows that people inside the church need clear Bible teaching just as much as those outside the church. Dr. Sproul understood this well. In addition to serving the church and informing other ministries, these results continue to reveal the importance of our mission at Ligonier Ministries as a teaching and discipleship ministry. As trends in the data suggest, the necessity of this work has grown only more urgent since R.C. founded the ministry nearly fifty years ago. With biblical illiteracy and doctrinal error on the rise, we remain committed to contending for the faith once delivered to the saints.”

Whether it’s the 30% of evangelicals who apparently reject the deity of Christ, the 46% who believe that people are good by nature, or the 22% who think that gender identity is a matter of personal choice, you can find all of the eye-opening survey results at Please explore the website and use the data any way you would like. We hope the findings from this survey will serve the church in its calling to reach more people with the faithful proclamation of God’s Word.

In addition, this year you can take the survey yourself or create a private group survey for a group of friends or members of your church. We encourage you to use the State of Theology survey to help you facilitate discussion and better understand the beliefs of people in your community.

Explore the findings of our 2020 survey today.

For analysis of the data from LifeWay Research, please see their official white paper or download the entire survey with key findings.