Jan 20, 2011

Thank You for Supporting Ligonier in 2010 & Looking Ahead at 2011

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The year 2010 has quickly come and gone with 2011 well underway. We press on confident that the Lord is working all things together for our good and His glory. I am grateful for all of His blessings in this past year and look forward to what He has ahead as we begin our fortieth year of ministry. Our Ministry Partners and the support of so many students has helped to advance the mission of Ligonier Ministries, and we are thankful to count them as a partner in the ministry of the gospel.

I am pleased to report that December 2010 was, financially speaking, the strongest December ever in the history of Ligonier Ministries. Our donors' contributions have helped us end the year in the black, revenue wise, which puts us on a good footing at the beginning of 2011. We continue our capital campaign to raise funds for our new campus to support Ligonier Academy of Biblical & Theological Studies and Ligonier’s new international headquarters. Being that we will have significant expenditures related to this campaign in the coming year as we welcome our first undergraduate class, we ask that you will continue to pray for the success of this important fund-raising initiative. More information is available at HereWeStand.info.

In addition to the beginning of our undergraduate program at the Bible college this fall, there are other exciting events and outreaches planned for 2011. We are celebrating 40 years of ministry this year and will be working to expand our reach in many different areas. I have a few writing projects that will be published through Reformation Trust and others. Tabletalk continues to address pressing biblical, theological, and cultural issues, and we are hopeful that the broadcast of Renewing Your Mind will increase just as it did in 2010. Our new teaching fellows — Sinclair Ferguson, Robert Godfrey, Steven Lawson, and R.C. Sproul Jr. — will play an active role, especially at our national conference on March 24–26, which will also feature John Piper and me. We have ambitious plans to expand our reach into the Spanish-speaking world, beginning with a translation of The Reformation Study Bible that will release in a few years. I will continue my pulpit ministry at Saint Andrew’s and work on other new Ligonier teaching resources as well.

All in all, we are overjoyed at the opportunities available to us in the year ahead, and we look forward to all that God will bring our way. We are confident in His loving providence and are thankful to be a part of His mission in this world. Thank you for standing with us in our proclamation of His holiness to as many people as possible.

Your servant in Christ,