Apr 2, 2017

Social Media Highlights (4/2/17)

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Here are highlights from our various social media accounts over the past week.

If you don't have the doctrine of justification by faith alone, you don't have the gospel. —@RCSproul https://t.co/ZU8hXf4tbJ

— Renewing Your Mind (@RYMRadio) March 27, 2017

Watch as @DrStevenJLawson explores what it means to say that God is good. https://t.co/15mv83qO6G

— Ligonier Ministries (@Ligonier) March 28, 2017

Surely it is right to pray for that which God has promised to do. —W. Robert Godfrey https://t.co/050LH6oeGs

— Ligonier Ministries (@Ligonier) March 29, 2017

Was Martin Luther guilty of anti-Semitism? Watch as @DrSteveNichols and W. Robert Godfrey answer. pic.twitter.com/Cro48QPrtY

— Ligonier Ministries (@Ligonier) March 29, 2017

Drawing upon the Reformers’ insights, here are John Tweeddale's 4 tools for understanding the Bible's hard sayings. https://t.co/NtKUz6MPra

— Ligonier Ministries (@Ligonier) March 31, 2017