Nov 20, 2016

Social Media Highlights (11/20/16)

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Here are highlights from our various social media accounts over the past week.

We all have a tendency to soft-pedal the biblical portrait of God. —R.C. Sproul #reformed #reformedtheology #rcsproul

A photo posted by Ligonier Ministries (@ligonier) on Nov 15, 2016 at 7:03am PST

Do Christians have a duty to pray? Listen as @RCSproul examines the mystery and privilege of prayer:

— Renewing Your Mind (@RYMRadio) November 16, 2016

What significant event happened in Cane Ridge, Kentucky, in 1801? Listen to this week's @5ChurchHistory to find out:

— 5MinInChurchHistory (@5ChurchHistory) November 16, 2016

What did Martin Luther teach about the church? Read W. Robert Godfrey on Luther's 7 characteristics of the church:

— Reformation Trust (@RefTrust) November 18, 2016