Oct 18, 2014

Setting a Course for Faithfulness: An Interview with Stephen J. Nichols

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Here's an excerpt from Setting a Course for Faithfulness, an interview with Stephen J. Nichols, the president of Reformation Bible College, from the October issue of Tabletalk:

Tabletalk: Why are you concerned with defending the doctrine of Scripture's inerrancy in this day and age?

Stephen J. Nichols: Defending inerrancy is necessary precisely because it is being challenged and even jettisoned by many who would claim to be evangelicals. The doctrine of inerrancy reminds us that the Bible is God's authoritative and trustworthy Word to us. My concern is with alternative views, and especially with the consequences of those alternatives. If you do not hold to inerrancy, what do you have? Essentially, you have limited inerrancy. That has the Bible submitting to us—to our judgment. That has it all topsy-turvy. The doctrine of Scripture is the first domino, so to speak. If it falls in the wrong direction, the whole chain of dominoes falls in the wrong direction.

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