Mar 30, 2017

Secularism and Our Christian Hope

1 Min Read

Here's an excerpt from Secularism and Our Christian Hope, K. Scott Oliphint's contribution to the March issue of Tabletalk:

I saw a bumper sticker once that read, “I’ve given up hope and I feel much better.” It was meant to be humorous, of course. But it occurred to me that here we have an honest secularist. Here is a statement that recognizes that virtues such as hope are artificially imported into a secular mindset. If matter is all there is, if we’re just an accidental collection of DNA, then things like “hope” are empty and completely devoid of content. For a secularist, hope is nothing more than hope in hope, which is no hope at all. Hope, for secularism, has no place to lay its head. There is no room for hope in the secularist inn.

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