Oct 30, 2008

Sammy and His Shepherd, by Veteran Children’s Author Susan Hunt

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In Sammy and His Shepherd, Susan Hunt offers families a delightful story, built around the twenty-third Psalm, that will help children grow in their understanding of what it is to live among a community of redeemed people guided by a loving Lord.

Sammy the sheep lives a happy life as part of a flock that is well cared for by a kind and good shepherd. But when he strikes up a friendship with a sheep in the next pasture, he begins to understand that not all shepherds are so loving. Eventually, Sammy's kind shepherd purchases Sammy's friend for himself, and from that point Sammy takes delight in helping his new "sister" sheep get to know their shepherd and his ways.

Delightful illustrations by Cory Godbey at Portland Studios will engage and hold the attention of young readers while the eleven brief chapters unfold the twenty-third Psalm phrase by phrase. Discussion questions and activities help parents guide their children into a deeper understanding of the biblical text.

From the Preface

Psalm 23 is a celebration of the comprehensiveness of salvation by grace. Helping a child memorize this beloved psalm bestows a treasure that cannot be taken away. Read it each time you read the story and soon the child will join in. Talking about the story and praying together will expand his or her understanding. (Discussion questions and activities for each chapter can be found beginning on page 44.)

About the Author

Susan Hunt, the author of twelve books, including four other children's titles, has a passion to teach women a biblical apologetic of womanhood and of women's ministry in the church so that they can glorify God by fulfilling His design and mission. In addition to speaking to women all over the United States, she has spoken at women's conferences in several countries and her books have been translated into several languages. Susan holds a degree in Christian education from Columbia Theological Seminary and is a graduate of the University of South Carolina. She is currently writing a discipleship curriculum on biblical womanhood for teen girls. Susan and her husband, Gene, have three children and twelve grandchildren.


"Susan Hunt leads children through Psalm 23, one verse at a time, looking in detail at a shepherd's care through the eyes of his sheep. Sammy and His Shepherd explains important doctrines in simple and concise terms and points out how those doctrines about our Shepherd should impact the everyday lives of His sheep. This is a visually attractive book that sets forth the beauty of our Lord."

--Starr Meade, Author Keeping Holiday and Training Hearts, Teaching Minds

"Sammy and His Shepherd is a delightful book for children. Written as an imaginative story narrated by a young lamb, this book does a skillful exposition of Psalm 23. It even includes some great talking points for each chapter. Susan Hunt's skills as a writer and rich theological insights are beautifully crafted into this story. Here is a book children will grow into and never outgrow."

--Tedd Tripp, Pastor, conference speaker, and author, Shepherding a Child's Heart

"I gave Susan Hunt's latest book the real test: I began reading it out loud to my rambunctious five-year-old. He was immediately charmed by her storytelling ability and would not let me stop. Sammy and His Shepherd combines rich, theologically informed understanding with sanctified creativity to reveal the green pastures of God's sovereign grace in all its loveliness."

--Douglas Bond, Author, Crown & Covenant series and Faith & Freedom trilogy

"In this lovely book on the best-loved psalm, Susan Hunt engages the attention in a delightful way. I would encourage families to use this book and take advantage of the clear teaching, which points to the Good Shepherd who loves children and demonstrated that love so gloriously at Calvary."

--Carine Mackenzie, Author, Bible Time series and Bible Wise series

Releases November 28, 2008
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