Feb 24, 2015

Religion and Politics: An Interview with Russell Moore

1 Min Read

Here's an excerpt from Religion and Politics, an interview with Russell Moore from the February issue of Tabletalk:

Tabletalk: Is it right for Christians to advocate religious liberty for people of all religions, or should we seek religious liberty only for Christian denominations? Why?

Russell Moore: Emphatically, yes, we should advocate religious liberty for all. Religious liberty for everyone is a corollary of the gospel of Jesus Christ. No bureaucrat can stand on anyone's behalf before the judgment seat of Christ, and the government cannot issue regeneration the way it issues driver's licenses. To give the government oversight over religious beliefs and practice, even over those with whom we disagree, is to confer spiritual lordship on the state, a lordship Jesus never delegated to it. Only a losing religion needs the government to support or enforce it. The gospel is big enough to fight for itself.

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