May 17, 2022

Rejoice in the Lord: A New Teaching Series from Steven Lawson

7 Min Read

It was from prison that Paul wrote, “Rejoice in the Lord always.” Addressing a church troubled by division and false teaching, the Apostle called anxious Christians to share in his vibrant joy. What was Paul’s secret? How did he maintain such peace of mind when the threat of execution loomed? The book of Philippians presents the key to having joy that even our darkest trials cannot steal away: knowing Christ.

In his landmark new video teaching series, Rejoice in the Lord, Dr. Steven Lawson takes a thorough look at Paul’s letter of joy. This 42-message series is Ligonier’s most comprehensive study of the book of Philippians, featuring more than 16 hours of biblical teaching. Order your copy today and set out on this verse-by-verse journey to discover how the joy of the Lord enables Christians to live faithfully for the gospel in every circumstance.

Rejoice in the Lord is available now in a variety of formats. When you order this teaching series on DVD, on MP3 CD, or as a digital download, all 42 messages will be added to your Learning Library so you can access them anytime. A corresponding study guide is also available in paperback and digital formats to help you take your study of Philippians further. And you can dig deeper by taking the 3-part Ligonier Connect course.

Watch the trailer for this new teaching series today.

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Forty-Two 23-Minute Messages:

  1. A Letter of Joy

  2. A Personal Letter

  3. Prayer from Prison

  4. Increasing Love

  5. Contagious Christianity

  6. The Preacher’s Critics

  7. Living for Christ

  8. Living for Others

  9. Gospel Living

  10. Gospel Suffering

  11. United in Christ

  12. True Humility

  13. Our Exalted Lord

  14. Sanctification 101

  15. God at Work

  16. Stop Complaining

  17. Poured Out for God

  18. Kindred Spirit

  19. A Servant’s Servant

  20. Portrait of Selflessness

  21. Rejoice in the Lord

  22. Discernment Needed

  23. Losses & Gains

  24. Gaining Everything

  25. Justified by Faith

  26. All Things New

  27. Pursuing the Prize

  28. Right Living

  29. Follow the Leader

  30. Heavenly Body

  31. My Joy & Crown

  32. Conflict Management

  33. Rejoice in the Lord Always

  34. Supernatural Peace

  35. The Battle for the Mind

  36. True Discipleship

  37. Triumphantly Living

  38. The Church That Gives

  39. The God Who Provides

  40. Give Glory to God

  41. Affectionate Christianity

  42. All of Grace

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Dr. Steven J. Lawson is founder and president of OnePassion Ministries. He is a Ligonier Ministries teaching fellow, dean of the doctor of ministry program at The Master’s Seminary, and teacher for The Institute for Expository Preaching. He is author of many books, including The Moment of Truth, It Will Cost You Everything: What It Takes to Follow Jesus, and Show Me Your Glory: Understanding the Majestic Splendor of God.