Sep 5, 2020

A Reformed Church

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What do Christians need in order to survive a radically secular age? From his series A Survey of Church History, W. Robert Godfrey encourages us to embrace the biblical realism of Reformed church life.


Calvinists are realists. That does not mean we are never optimistic, but we are not always optimistic. A Calvinistic church is a place you can grieve, a place where you can be sad as well as happy, where there is a realism in the approach to life. So, a Reformed church is, I believe, what we are going to need progressively, because I think it's not too much to say that we seem in the midst of a third American Revolution. When we talked about the 19th century, I talked about how the first American Revolution was really a revolution of patricians to maintain their rights as Englishmen. Then, in the 1820s, we really had a second American Revolution, where a more democratic spirit - you remember I quoted the historian who said we had moved from ruled by the snobs to ruled by the mobs. I think we are seeing now what may turn out to be a third American Revolution, which will be radical and secular in its individualism.