Jan 24, 2022

Reformation Study Bible: Which Edition Is Best for You?

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The Reformation Study Bible is carefully crafted to equip Christians for a lifetime of in-depth Bible study as they seek to know God’s truth and live for His glory. This landmark resource, edited by Dr. R.C. Sproul with commentary from seventy-five distinguished theologians, is available in a variety of formats to serve your specific study needs. Knowing the unique features of each edition can help you decide which can best suit you or someone you know.

Containing more than 1.1 million words of verse-by-verse commentary, the Reformation Study Bible also features insightful articles, topical explanations, historic Christian creeds and confessions, and award-winning maps and visuals. Read a sample or browse available cover styles.

The Condensed Edition contains the best of this commentary in a portable format. It’s our most lightweight edition, suitable for travel, public worship, and life on the go. Read a sample or browse available cover styles.

The Student Edition includes answers to questions on key subjects of the Christian faith and practical lessons from each book of the Bible, prepared especially for students and young adults. Read a sample or browse available cover styles.

Please refer to the image below to compare the unique features of each edition of the Reformation Study Bible.

LIG 4414 RSB Comparison Chart 8.5X11 k

Are you looking for a digital alternative? The eBook Edition of the Reformation Study Bible places a wealth of study tools at your fingertips to help you know and grow in God’s Word.