Jun 2, 2015

The Reformation Study Bible: An Interview with R.C. Sproul

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Here's an excerpt from an interview Bible Gateway conducted with R.C. Sproul on the new edition of the Reformation Study Bible:

Bible Gateway: How has God used awakenings throughout history to strengthen his church and are we in one now?

R.C. Sproul: It's difficult to give a full answer to this question because the examples of how the church has been strengthened through awakenings are almost innumerable. We could look at the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers recovered in the Reformation that says that lawful vocations have value and so church members should use their talents actively in service to the church. The First Great Awakening brought a renewed zeal for evangelism and missions to the church.

I can't tell you with certainty whether or not we are in an awakening today. That will be for future generations of the church to decide as they look back on God's providence. It does seem, however, that the hunger for biblical truth in the developing world, as well as a renewed commitment to the doctrines of grace in our country, do result from some kind of fresh work of the Lord's Spirit in His world.

BG: How is the Reformation Study Bible unique from other study Bibles?

RC: Its uniqueness lies in its unashamed advocacy for the biblical truths of the Reformation. These truths, derived from concentrated study of Scripture, help provide a framework to show us the unified message of the Bible. I believe the sustained emphasis on God's sovereign grace in the study notes of the Reformation Study Bible remind us that God alone is the author of salvation in a way that other study Bibles do not.

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