Mar 14, 2013

RefNet: Time-Shift, Schedule, & Stream

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Last July we announced our newest outreach, RefNet. Since it's launch, we have continued to develop RefNet and today we're pleased to announce three new features: Time-Shift, Schedule, and Stream.


As far as we're aware, this is a first for Internet radio. When you listen, whether you're in Mumbai, Memphis, or Melbourne, RefNet automatically plays the schedule according to your local timezone.


RefNet has always allowed you to skip forward to see what shows were scheduled later in the day, but we've heard your requests for a weekly schedule. You can now browse the full RefNet schedule, optimized for both mobile devices and your desktop, by visiting


Various devices and apps (like TuneIn Radio) allow you to supply a custom URL to listen to Internet radio. If you need the stream for RefNet simply use

RefNet's attempt to wisely steward the technology that God has put in front of us is possible because of the generous support of our Ministry Partners and RefNet's Broadcast Partners.

Here's how you can listen to RefNet:

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