Apr 7, 2014

RefNet 2.0: Trustworthy Christian Internet Radio Now on More Devices

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In 2012, we launched an ambitious new internet radio outreach called RefNet (Reformation Network). By God's grace, RefNet has served a listening audience of many thousands in 158 countries and territories around the world. We are grateful for our broadcast partners and the way the Lord has used RefNet to promote trustworthy preaching and teaching that stands in the historic Christian faith.

Since its launch, the RefNet team has been working hard by adding new broadcasts, new features, and developing apps for other platforms. In December we reached another milestone: RefNet 2.0. This improved version of RefNet was initially available for iOS, but we're now pleased to announce that this update is also available for select Android devices and the Kindle Fire.

**RefNet 2.0

We've been listening to your feedback and the latest version of RefNet has many performance enhancements and new features, including:

  • More Devices
    RefNet now works on more devices and is optimized for larger screen sizes.
  • Improved Playback
    We've improved the way RefNet handles weak internet connections to help prevent dropouts.
  • Find This Resource
    While listening to select broadcasts, tap the screen to discover where you can find that broadcast online.
  • Schedule
    View the weekly schedule from inside the app by clicking the icon at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Sleep Timer
    Use the sleep timer to automatically stop RefNet at your desired time.
  • Lock Screen
    See and control what you're listening to right from your lock screen.
  • Progress Timer
    See how much time is remaining on the current broadcast.
  • Audio Normalization
    Volume levels as you listen to different shows and music should now be more consistent.
  • **In App Feedback
    **Sharing your feedback with us and troubleshooting issues just got easier.
  • Faster Launch Time

Here's how you can listen to RefNet:

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Thank you for sharing RefNet with your family, friends, and church community.