Oct 18, 2019

Recovering the Teaching of the Fathers

1 Min Read

The Reformers were not turning their backs on the church, but recovering its true teachings. In this brief clip, Sinclair Ferguson looks at the authority and clarity of Scripture.

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You know one of the things particularly Calvin emphasized was—we are being accused of disrupting the traditions of the fathers. The problem is you men do not know the traditions of the fathers.

The Reformers view was not—we are turning our backs on the communion of the church. The Reformers view was—we’re actually recovering the core teaching of the communion of the church. The safeguard is that we read Scripture in the light of Scripture, using Scriptural principles to interpret Scripture. We shouldn’t be blindsided by these picky notions that are eating away at our confidence in Scripture and especially in its clarity. Because that is an area that is so often under attack today.