Jun 27, 2013

Reaching Muslims with the Gospel of God: An Interview with Abdul Saleeb

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Here's an exerpt from Reaching Muslims with the Gospel of God, an interview with Abdul Saleeb from the June issue of Tabletalk.

Tabletalk: Tell us how the Lord led you out of Islam to Christianity.

Abdul Saleeb: My first encounter with the gospel and the Christian faith was through the ministry of a group of American missionaries in Europe. When I discovered that Christians did not believe that Jesus was simply a prophet but God incarnate who had died on the cross for our sins, my first reactions were: 1. Christians are insane. 2. How can anyone believe such blasphemies? Through many months of attending church, reading the Bible and comparing it with the Qur’an, and debating with my Christian friends, the Spirit of God finally opened my eyes to see the truth and beauty of Christ. The two truths that touched me the most to convince me of the truth of the gospel were the Old Testament prophecies about Christ and especially His deity (for example, Isa 9:6), and the emphasis on grace and love in the New Testament. (See: www.answering-islam.org/Testimonies/abdul.html for a fuller version of my testimony.)

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