Nov 9, 2021

Reaching More People with Teaching in More Languages

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In the final months of Ligonier Ministries’ fiftieth-anniversary year, we are grateful to God that Ligonier’s international gospel outreach continues to expand significantly. Thanks to the generous support of ministry friends such as you, more trustworthy Bible teaching from Dr. R.C. Sproul and the Ligonier Teaching Fellows is being translated into more languages, reaching and equipping people around the world with the truths of our most holy faith. One 2021 milestone pertains to our Portuguese outreach.

New Portuguese Website

We are delighted to announce the launch of Ligonier’s dedicated-language website in Portuguese, By God’s grace, this is Ligonier’s seventh non-English website, bolstering the ministry’s ability to serve growing Christians around the world. This website provides an online library of trustworthy teaching in Portuguese and features newly translated articles each week, book extracts, and historic creeds and confessions. The website will be shared widely by Ligonier’s Portuguese Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels. We encourage you to share this new website and these social media channels with your Portuguese-speaking friends and loved ones.

Portuguese is the ninth-most-spoken language globally, known by more than 258 million people around the world, especially in Brazil, in Portugal, and in African countries such as Angola and Mozambique. This year, Dr. Sproul’s book If There’s a God, Why Are There Atheists? and Dr. Sinclair Ferguson’s book By Grace Alone have been released in Portuguese. Additional titles will be available in the future.

Proclaiming God’s Holiness

The Holiness of God, Dr. Sproul’s classic video teaching series, has been dubbed in Hindi. This is Ligonier’s first Hindi-dubbed teaching series, and it is now available freely on Ligonier’s new Hindi YouTube channel. Hindi is the third-most-spoken language in the world. Our Hindi-dubbing project serves Ligonier’s growing audience in India, where Hindi is an official language.

In addition, Dr. Sproul’s book The Holiness of God was recently published in Farsi, the language of the Iranian people, and his book Chosen by God was released in Arabic at the Cairo book fair during the summer.

Answering Questions Worldwide

For fifty years, Ligonier Ministries has sought to provide clear, trustworthy answers to people’s biblical and theological questions. To help make many of these answers available to readers around the world, our international outreach team is prioritizing the translation of Dr. Sproul’s Crucial Questions booklet series into many different languages. These short titles offer succinct answers to important questions about core Christian truths.

Several titles from this series have recently been published in Arabic, including Who Is Jesus? What Is Biblical Wisdom?, and Can I Know God’s Will? The most recent Crucial Questions titles in an ongoing French Outreach project, supported by Ligonier Ministries Canada, are What Is the Trinity? and Can I Have Joy in My Life? And now, twenty-nine titles from the Crucial Questions series are available as ebooks in Romanian.

Equipping the Global Church

Our popular book A Field Guide on False Teaching has now been released in Spanish and in Arabic. This timely resource equips Christians to respond biblically to common theological errors, cults, and world religions. More than 2,000 copies of the Spanish edition were distributed to church leaders at a 2021 Spanish-speaking pastors’ conference in California.

Ligonier continues to oversee translation projects in well-known languages and also in those that are less familiar. Editions of the Ligonier Statement on Christology are now available in the Asian languages Urdu (the official language of Pakistan and the tenth-most-spoken language in the world) and in Nepali (spoken in the country of Nepal). To serve Christians in Europe, two works by Dr. Sproul have been published in Albanian: God’s Love and What Is Reformed Theology?

The Ligonier team requests your prayers on behalf of this work of making faithful biblical teaching available in many different languages. Our shared aim is to equip Christians to grow in the knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ and to proclaim the holiness of God to as many people as possible. Your generous support at this time is greatly appreciated as we strive together to take the truth of God’s Word to the ends of the earth.

Thanks to a special grant from the Love in Action Foundation, your financial gifts in support of Ligonier’s global outreach can be extended even further, allowing resources from Dr. Sproul and the Ligonier Teaching Fellows to be translated into many of the world’s most-spoken languages. Please consider donating today, and thank you for sharing in this worldwide mission.