Jul 14, 2009

R.C. Sproul's Overview of Philosophy Now Available in Paperback

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In The Consequences of Ideas, recently released for the first time in paperback, readers are challenged to take the consequences of ideas seriously through this expert survey of history's most influential philosophies--philosophies that continue to shape our lives for better or for worse today. R.C. Sproul surveys the ongoing impact of history's most influential philosophers -- including Plato, Aquinas, Descartes, Kant, Freud, and Nietzsche -- and urges reader to take prevailing cultural mind-sets seriously.

In 2007, The Consequences of Ideas was translated into Chinese and published by the University of Peking.

"I just want you to take a look at that statement for a minute," says Dr. Sproul. "A simple sentence, but earth-shaking. If you've read The Consequences of Ideas, you know it's an examination of the philosophies that underlie almost all of Western thought -- getting down to the roots of why people today think the way they do.

Imagine the impact a book like that can have on the culture of China. There, Christianity has always been portrayed as unreasonable, overly emotional, and unable to stand up to academic scrutiny. The Consequences of Ideas provides a firm logical foundation for belief in Christ, and now it's available to the people of a country that's long been hostile to Christ."


The Consequences of Ideas is available in hardcover, paperback, DVD, CD, MP3 download, and study guide formats.