Mar 31, 2020

R.C. Sproul’s Library of Resources in Spanish Continues to Grow

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Dr. R.C. Sproul often challenged the Ligonier team to have an increasingly global focus for the ministry. After all, the need for people to know God and His holiness is universal, spanning all ages, cultures, and locations. Two years ago, we launched the Spanish edition of Renewing Your Mind as part of Ligonier’s outreach to the Spanish-speaking world. And today, we’re pleased to announce that two of Dr. Sproul’s beloved children’s books are now available in Spanish.

Thanks to a generous donation from our Latin American partner organization, Planted, The Priest with Dirty Clothes and The Prince’s Poison Cup have been translated into Spanish and are available now. In addition to being available for purchase, more than 1,000 copies of each title will be distributed for free to Spanish-speaking families in Latin America and the United States.

Both of these titles get to the heart of the gospel. In La copa envenenada del Príncipe (The Prince’s Poison Cup), Dr. Sproul instructs readers of all ages about the price Jesus paid to accomplish the redemption of His people, taking the curse of sin and the wrath of God upon Himself in their place. In El sacerdote de los ropajes sucios (The Priest with Dirty Clothes), Dr. Sproul provides an accessible explanation of the doctrine of imputation, the exchange of our sin for Christ’s righteousness in God’s gracious act of justification.

These titles were carefully chosen for their emphasis on the saving work of Christ. They are excellent resources to share with those who know the Lord as well as those who do not. We share our excitement with a friend of Ligonier from the Dominican Republic, who expressed his eagerness to see these books used by families:

“What a joy it is to know that these children’s titles are available for children throughout the Spanish-speaking world. It will be a great blessing for them to be exposed to the most profound truths of the Word through simple stories adapted specifically for them. This is a wonderful way to make the gospel known to the next generation.”

Both of Dr. Sproul’s translated titles can serve as a tool in your own outreach or as significant gifts for parents seeking to bring up their children in “the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Eph. 6:4). You can find both books in our store. We encourage you to pray that the Lord will use this translation project, especially the distribution of both books to Spanish-speaking families, to awaken people of all ages to His holiness and grace.

These newly translated resources are only one part of our expanding dedicated outreach in Spanish. To learn more about how Ligonier is serving Spanish speakers around the world and how you can help us reach even more people, visit this link.