Sep 30, 2021

Inmates Are Hungry for the Truth, and You Can Help

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Prison inmates and chaplains are hungry for the truth of God’s Word, and you can help meet the soaring need.

Every month, Ligonier receives hundreds of letters from incarcerated men and women requesting trustworthy resources to help them grow in their faith. In many correctional facilities, sound theological teaching is nonexistent, and we regularly hear from chaplains who are underequipped to effectively minister to inmates with the hope of the gospel.

Through your generous support, prison chaplains can now receive credits to request the teaching resources they need most. This partnership allows inmates and their families to receive copies of the Reformation Study Bible, books by R.C. Sproul and other trusted teachers, Tabletalk magazine, and more.

Richard, one of the chaplains Ligonier supports, described how God has used these resources in the lives of the men he serves:

“Inmates attest to the fact that they now are men with meaning and purpose, with a new perspective based on truth and substance. Most of this can be attributed to the resources made available to us through Ligonier. We have had many of our men enter into vocations in the ministry upon release, and almost all of them have shared with me that what inspired them most was the sound teaching they received while they were on the inside.”

Since this outreach enables chaplains to prioritize the specific spiritual needs of the inmates they serve, requests are multiplying for the Bible teaching Ligonier offers. Many inmates send these discipleship resources home to spouses and children, and several inmates have told us they lead Bible studies within their facilities using resources received through this outreach program.

Anthony, an inmate who has received several resources through Ligonier’s Prison Outreach program, wrote to share his gratitude:

“I cannot express in words how very grateful I am for your ministry! Ligonier is the only ministry so far that has provided me with true God-centered teaching, doctrine, and resources. To date, I have received the Reformation Study Bible, The Holiness of God, and Chosen by God. These resources have helped me to make major changes in the way I worship, praise, pray, and minister to others.”

So far, Ligonier has partnered with chaplains to supply 12,000 inmates and their families with needed teaching. This includes more than 3,000 copies of the Reformation Study Bible in a paperback format that complies with most correctional facility standards, as well as hundreds of copies of the Spanish edition. More than 2,000 free subscriptions to Tabletalk magazine have also been distributed to inmates, plus more than 5,000 books, video teaching series, Crucial Questions booklets by R.C. Sproul, and more.

But with more than two million people in correctional facilities in the U.S. alone, so much ministry remains to be done. One inmate named Steven, from a facility that does not yet partner with Ligonier, reached out to us for help:

“I am somewhat new to Reformed theology. With the great help of your Tabletalk devotional teaching me, I realized the ways I thought previously were not always what the Lord teaches in His Word. My subscription runs out soon, and I am writing and praying that you would consider renewing my subscription for another year, as I cannot pay its fee.”

We’ve been in contact with Steven to ensure he continues to receive Tabletalk at no cost to him, and there are many additional resources we would like to send him as he seeks to grow in Christ. Will you help us serve Steven and thousands of others like him?

By God’s grace, your generous support today can help incarcerated men and women rebuild their lives on the solid foundation of Scripture. Your financial support also helps inmates bring the light of the gospel to their families from the midst of an otherwise dark place.

Thank you for remembering those who are in prison (Heb. 13:3) and for helping to care for them in the name of our merciful Redeemer, Jesus Christ (Matt. 25:36).

If you know a correctional facility chaplain who would be interested in receiving our materials, please put them in contact with the team at We would be honored to serve them with you.