Oct 24, 2013

Preaching is a Dangerous Thing

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Here's an excerpt from Preaching is a Dangerous Thing, an Interview with Paul Washer from the October issue of Tabletalk:

Tabletalk: What do you mean when you say that "preaching is a dangerous thing"?

Paul Washer: Preaching is dangerous for both the preacher and the hearer. It is dangerous for the preacher because a great stewardship has been laid upon him, and with privilege comes great responsibility. He will be held accountable for every word, and his ministry will be examined and made manifest before the very judgment seat of Christ. Woe to us if we do not preach the gospel, and even greater woe if we preach it in error. Preaching is also dangerous for the hearer. A preacher's authority does not come merely from his calling or anointing, but he has authority only to the degree that he correctly interprets and clearly proclaims the truths of Scriptures. When this happens, the hearer is privileged with a message from God and is bound to respond appropriately. In summary, the preacher will give an account for what he has said, and the hearer will give an account for what he has heard.

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