Jun 26, 2019

Please Stand with Us This Summer

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Thank you for your support so far this year. We are grateful for the many ways the Lord has blessed your giving and the new opportunities He has opened for outreach. More people in more places than ever before now have access to the trusted teaching of R.C. Sproul, our Teaching Fellows, and other gifted teachers.

In addition to many other resources, it was a particular highlight of our newly-launched Arabic outreach to release the first-ever Arabic translation of the Canons of Dort, the document that laid out what became known as “the five points of Calvinism” and preserved the theology of the Reformers. We also look forward to providing greater service to the local church in the United Kingdom and Canada as we host two international conferences later this year.

At this time, will you please watch and share this message from W. Robert Godfrey, Ligonier’s chairman, and consider giving a gift this summer to ensure our outreach does not slow down. There is still so much good work to be done.

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