Dec 11, 2014

Please Stand with Us to End the Year Strong

2 Min Read

We are profoundly grateful for the thousands of you who visit and strengthen our outreach with your prayers and financial support. In obedience to our Lord's Great Commission, you've had an impact for eternity on people around the world. Thank you.

But you and I know that the work isn't done. There's a growing hunger worldwide for God's Word. Billions have not heard the gospel, and believers must be discipled in the truth (Matt. 28:18–20). At year's end, you have one more vital opportunity to extend your reach—a final chance in 2014 to join with us in proclaiming the Lord's holiness and grace to the nations.

Your support is vital to meeting our year-end need, but this isn't just about Ligonier's ending the year "in the black." This is about helping the church respond faithfully and courageously to unprecedented crises and opportunities. We aren't playing defense—by God's grace, we're on the offensive to tear down the enemy's strongholds with the gospel.

There's no higher priority for the church than making manifest the kingdom of our Savior. God's gospel is of eternal importance because it has eternal consequences. Everything that the church does today and tomorrow counts forever.

There is much at stake in the last few weeks of the year when we typically receive over 20 percent of our annual donations, and we can't afford to take a breather. Your assistance has helped us to inundate the nations with articulate and faithful disciples who are equipped to proclaim and defend the truth of Scripture. In God's providence, we need you to stand with us to end the year strong and be poised for more outreach in 2015.

Will you help us at year's end so that we can reach a larger and more diverse audience in 2015?

P.S. We plan to begin 2015 strong, with initiatives such as a completely revised and updated Reformation Study Bible, my new hymn project, a major internet publishing initiative from Tabletalk magazine, as well as preparation for outreach in Brazil during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Your support enables these outreaches and so many others. Thank you.

Note: The generosity of friends like you is key to our mission. Thank you for your support and prayers. Contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.