Oct 22, 2012

Pillars of Grace — 99¢ eBook Sale

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For a limited time Reformation Trust is making select titles even more accessible as we lower their eBook price to 99¢. Today, until Reformation Day (October 31, 2012), we are offering you The Pillars of Grace by Dr. Steven Lawson.

The doctrines of grace are often known as the five points of Calvinism, but they were not the invention of John Calvin or his reforming cohorts of the sixteenth century. Rather, they are biblical doctrines, as Dr. Lawson demonstrated in his book Foundations of Grace (2006). Now, in Pillars of Grace, he shows that the doctrines of grace have been understood and taught—sometimes in embryonic form, sometimes with great clarity—throughout church history. From the time of the early church fathers to the years of the Reformers, there have been key men in the church, pillars as it were, who stood on the foundation of Scripture and upheld the truth of God's sovereign role in salvation.

"Reading Steven Lawson's Pillars of Grace is like taking a helicopter tour of a mountain range—a breathtaking survey of a series of majestic peaks all pointing upward to heaven. Each chapter offers an informative, fascinating, and accessible look at a significant teacher of God's glorious grace, from Clement to Calvin. Read this book and discover that to be Christian and Reformed is to be rooted in the church through the ages."

Dr. Joel R. Beeke
President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary,
Grand Rapids, Michigan

"This book will ignite and impassion your heart for the gospel and the doctrines of grace that undergird it. Dr. Lawson has done something for which we will forever be grateful—he demonstrates conclusively that the truths of Calvinism and the Reformed faith are rooted in the history of the church, from the apostles to the emergence of Martin Luther in the sixteenth century... Do not start reading this book unless you are prepared to find that you are unable to put it down. It is that good."

Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas
Professor of systematic and practical theology, Reformed Theological Seminary
Minister of teaching, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Mississippi

The Pillars of Grace is currently on sale for 99¢ as both an ePub from the Ligonier Store or from Amazon's Kindle Store. Offer expires on Reformation Day (October 31, 2012).

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