Nov 10, 2011

From Pastor to President

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Philip Graham RykenPhilip Graham Ryken is the president of Wheaton College, where he also teaches theology. Prior to his appointment as president of Wheaton in July 2010, Dr. Ryken served as the pastor of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia for ten years. This month's issue of Tabletalk features a fascinating interview with Dr. Ryken in which he answers questions like these:

  • How did you make the difficult decision to leave the pastorate and enter the academy as president of Wheaton College?
  • What is your hope for the future for the congregation of Tenth Presbyterian Church and the city of Philadelphia?
  • Are there any things you learned as a pastor that have been particularly helpful in your new role as president of Wheaton?
  • At Wheaton you work with Christians from many theological traditions. In what ways can Christians from the Reformed and Presbyterian tradition work with Christians from other traditions to advance the gospel?

Read From Pastor to President: An Interview with Philip Graham Ryken.