Jun 14, 2016

Our Attitude Toward the Pharisee

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Here's an excerpt from Our Attitude Toward the Pharisee, David Strain's contribution to the June issue of Tabletalk:

Steering a course between the Scylla (rocks) of antinomianism on the one hand and the Charybdis (hard place) of legalism on the other is an unceasing responsibility of the Christian life. The difficulty is compounded by the fact that most of us find ourselves drawn more to the rocks on one side than the other. Perhaps we react to our upbringing, or to imbalanced preaching that once held sway in our churches, or to an earlier phase of our own Christian walk when we veered toward self-indulgence or self-righteousness. And while we must never disengage from the struggle to stay on course and avoid the dangerous reefs that always lurk just beneath the surface, we must also remember that there are other people who are making the journey as well, and our reactions as we see them chart an unsafe course may be shaped as much by our own history of wrong turns as by their present errors.

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