Oct 9, 2018

The Only Righteousness That Can Save

1 Min Read

We cannot look within ourselves to find salvation. We must look to Christ. In this brief clip, Albert Mohler explains that the only righteousness that can save is Christ's righteousness.

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Modern people tend to believe that our problem is something outside of us and that we are to look inside of us for salvation. That's the foundation of the modern psychotherapeutic worldview. It's the assumption of most people. Something happened to me, and I need help—I've got look within for that help. I've got to summon up the wisdom. I've got to bring myself to a new level of consciousness. I've got to engage myself in some form of self-improvement. That's an anti-gospel.

Instead what the Scripture reveals is that the problem is not outside of us, the problem is inside of us. And the salvation is not going to come at all from inside of us, but only outside of us, which is why Luther understood that there is no righteousness in us, which is what he understood so clearly from God's Word—even from the Apostle Paul. He came to understand that the only righteousness that could save, and would save, and does save is an alien righteousness—the righteousness of Christ which is imputed to the believer by faith.