Oct 26, 2020

One Week Only: Save on a Reformation Resource Bundle

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The church reached a turning point in the sixteenth century. Worship had become a spectacle, doctrine was distorted, and ministers lived in immorality. To restore the church to the teachings of Christ, Reformers such as John Calvin cried out for a return to God’s authoritative Word. This work of reformation was too urgent to be delayed, for the gospel itself was at stake.

This week only, save when you preorder The Necessity of Reforming the Church resource bundle. This bundle contains W. Robert Godfrey’s new 6-part DVD teaching series, gathering insights from John Calvin for believers today, plus Calvin’s classic treatise defending the Reformation, newly translated by Dr. Casey Carmichael with a foreword from Dr. Godfrey. Together, these companion resources outline the importance of continuing the work of reformation in our own day.

Preorder the bundle today for only $30 to save more than 35% on both resources and to ensure that you receive them once the book is available in early December. This timeless classic and timely series can help you and your church pursue biblical faithfulness for the glory of God alone. Preorder the bundle by October 31 and save.

If you already own Dr. Godfrey’s teaching series, you can still preorder the new translation of Calvin’s book this week for only $10. Offer ends Saturday, October 31.