Oct 14, 2009

Obsolete Media Goes Global

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Ligonier media resources have a long history in their global outreach. It is a great joy for the ministry to be able to contribute hundreds of resources from obsolete inventory and find an inexpensive way of distribution. DVDs, CDs, and MP3s are the media formats of the twenty-first century, yet this technology does not extend worldwide. As globalization has provided new media technology, still old media equipment for VHS and audio cassettes exist en masse and are kept operational in both urban and rural areas of underdeveloped countries.

Edwin Hodges Ministries (ELHM) is a Christian literature ministry located in Decatur, Ala., that ships free materials to Bible schools, churches, missionaries, and individuals worldwide. ELHM eagerly obliged to pick up the material at their own cost and send it to Christian training organizations in Africa, India, and Asia through their container system. Being dependent on the services and the finances of God's people, ELHM still waits for a volunteer to pick up several pallets of back issues of Tabletalk magazine for Bible school libraries they serve. Ligonier's Global Outreach desires such media and literature to be utilized for God purposes in areas where the Church is advancing, yet desperately in need of "theological famine relief" as passionately stated by our friends at Desiring God.