May 16, 2023

Now in Spanish: Two Reformation Titles

2 Min Read

In the sixteenth century, a German monk named Martin Luther began a protest that changed the course of history. Through the Protestant Reformation, the light of the gospel once again shone brightly in the church—and Christians in every generation must defend the good news that we are justified by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone.

To reach even more people with these biblical truths, two Reformation-themed books from Ligonier are now available in Spanish: Luther and the Reformation by Dr. R.C. Sproul and our daily devotional, The Heart of the Reformation.

In Luther and the Reformation, Dr. Sproul guides us through several crisis moments in the life of Martin Luther that led to his recovery of the gospel revealed in Scripture, showing that it is good news for us to cherish today.

With The Heart of the Reformation, readers can spend ninety days with the five solas of the Reformation. These core biblical truths display the reliability of God’s Word and the depths of His mercy, helping us grow in faith day by day.

Resources to Share

Give these books to a friend to help someone discover the significance of the Reformation and the delightful freedom of the gospel revealed in Scripture. Luther and the Reformation and The Heart of the Reformation both make an important addition to every Christian’s library.

More in Spanish

These titles are the latest addition to Ligonier’s expanding library of Spanish-translated resources. And did you know that we have a dedicated-language website in Spanish with even more teaching? These translation efforts are enabled by friends like you who generously support Ligonier’s gospel outreach to serve the global church. Thank you.