Dec 10, 2013

Not a Simple Matter

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Here's an excerpt from Not a Simple Matter, Burk Parsons' contribution to the December issue of Tabletalk:

About ten years ago I had breakfast with one of the finest Old Testament scholars of our generation. A confessional Presbyterian, he has fought many battles for doctrinal orthodoxy and biblical fidelity, and since the 1970s has written numerous articles in theological journals, has authored several books (some of which are now considered modern classics), and has taught in some of the most doctrinally faithful seminaries in America. At that breakfast, one of the men who was with us asked the esteemed scholar to explain his view of the millennium and to identify which millennial position he affirmed. I will never forget his immediate response. He said, "It's not that simple." He went on to explain why it is not a simple answer and why we must first understand the more foundational biblical concept of kingdom before we can begin to properly understand the inauguration, continuation, and consummation of the kingdom of Jesus Christ and the millennial language of Revelation chapter 20.

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