Aug 7, 2018

A New Q&A Video Library

2 Min Read

Is it biblical to say “God loves you” to believers and nonbelievers alike? Are there distinctions of sin in hell? For more than forty-five years, Christians have been looking to Ligonier Ministries for clear and helpful answers to biblical and theological questions. Whether it’s at one of our conferences or through our new online chat service, Ask Ligonier, our aim is to help you better understand and defend your faith.

Question and answer times are always a highlight at our conferences. We regularly hear from attendees how much they enjoy bringing their theological questions to our Teaching Fellows and other trusted teachers. And now, we’re building a new collection of short Q&A video clips from our live events that you can watch online, anytime. Each clip answers a single question, making it easy for you to refer to them during Bible studies and in your conversations with others. We’ll be adding more to the collection each week, so subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates or browse our Questions Answered section.

Questions Include:

Many more videos are available. But if your question hasn’t been answered yet, remember to ask Ligonier. Just click the green icon at the lower right of this page or message us on Facebook or Twitter.