Jun 15, 2020

New Online Foundation Year Program at Reformation Bible College

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In 2011, Dr. R.C. Sproul founded Reformation Bible College in order to train a new generation of articulate Christians who “understand the Bible and their faith deeply and live out that faith in every nook and cranny of the world.” This fall, RBC is taking a significant step forward in launching an online certificate program. This carefully designed online program will provide young Christians with a solid theological foundation for their chosen vocation or continued education. Graduates of the program will earn a Certificate in Theology.

“With the help of technology,” said RBC President Dr. Stephen Nichols, “we’ll be able to train students through a comprehensive program of biblical studies and expand the borders of our RBC community beyond central Florida.”

Foundation Year Online students will participate in live classes, engage with RBC professors and students in real time, and have the opportunity to revisit recorded lectures at their own convenience.

In the fall semester, students will study apologetics with Dr. Nichols, learning how to defend their Christian faith in a world of competing truth claims and other religions. Dr. Matthew Dudreck will guide students through the essential teachings of the four Gospels to help interpret and apply the New Testament to their lives, and Professor Aaron Garriott will help students develop vital communication skills to think, write, and speak more effectively.

In the spring, Foundation Year Online students will review the development of Christianity from the Reformation to the present with Dr. John Tweeddale, examining how modern church history informs Christian beliefs, practices, and worship today. Students will also study the Old Testament texts known as the Writings with Dr. Ben Shaw to apply the biblical wisdom offered to their lives, examine the existence and attributes of the triune God in The Doctrine of God with Dr. Keith Mathison, and more.

Reformation Bible College is accepting applications for Foundation Year Online. In addition to no application fee, RBC is waiving the $300 enrollment fee for applicants who complete an online application and submit all required documents by Wednesday, July 15. The regular application deadline for Foundation Year Online is Monday, August 3.

If you are interested in learning more about Foundation Year Online, visit ReformationBibleCollege.org/online or contact the Admissions team at admissions@reformationbiblecollege.org.