Sep 25, 2012

A New Faculty Member at Reformation Bible College: Dr. Ben C. Dunson

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We are now well into our second academic year at Reformation Bible College (RBC), and strongly encouraged by our growing student body. As with last year's class, the new crop of students are eager to pursue their biblical and theological studies with us, and the faculty and staff count it a rare privilege and delight to serve them. What's more, it is not only the student body that grows from year to year at RBC—our curriculum grows as well, with new offerings added every semester to fulfill our various four-year bachelor of arts degrees. This in turn means that our faculty also needs to grow. With that in mind, it brings us no small joy to announce RBC's newest faculty member: Professor of New Testament, Dr. Ben C. Dunson.

Ben Dunson currently teaches at Redeemer University College in Ontario, Canada. He completed his Ph.D. in 2011 at the University of Durham, U.K., focusing on Paul's Letter to the Romans. Previous to his Ph.D. studies, Ben earned an M.A.R. in Biblical Studies and a Th.M. in New Testament, both from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. Ben and his wife Martha have three young sons: William "Liam" Albert, Elliot Clark, and Calum Stephen. Do keep the Dunson family in prayer as they prepare to move from Canada to central Florida for Ben to begin teaching in January 2013.

Keep RBC in your prayers as well, that God will continue to equip us to equip our students; that we will remain unswervingly convicted about the need for rigorous biblical and theological studies at the undergraduate level. Certainly, men the likes of Dr. Ben Dunson could be teaching at the graduate and post-graduate levels, but by God's grace we have brought him here to teach the church's college-aged sons and daughters, young people who will go on to any number of different fields like medicine, missions, and motherhood. RBC's faculty hiring agenda is a reflection of the solid commitment and child-like hope that grip us: only through a deeper knowledge of God's Christ-revealing Word, will the light of truth shine into the darkness of our age, and the church see another generation of reformers.