Apr 11, 2024

New Book by R.C. Sproul on the Life of Joseph

2 Min Read

The life of Joseph is one of the Bible’s most cherished stories. After a beloved son is betrayed by his resentful brothers, he must endure years of slavery, false accusations, and wrongful imprisonment. At every turn, Joseph’s faith is tested, culminating in a pivotal question: Will he save his brothers in their hour of need?

In the new book derived from one of his most beloved teaching series, Dr. R.C. Sproul draws out scriptural truths about God and lessons for the Christian life. See in this dramatic telling how Joseph foreshadows the greater Deliverer, Jesus Christ, and encourages Christians to trust in the sovereign God who works all things for the good of His people. Order your copy today.

A Look inside the Pages

How can God’s people press on and maintain hope through the trials of this life? Dr. Sproul writes, “God does not promise us freedom from pain, persecution, tribulation, or suffering. On the contrary, He promises that these things will happen to us, but in the midst of these circumstances, He also promises His presence.” Read an excerpt from the book.

Take Your Study Further

In addition to the book, a companion digital study guide is also available for purchase. On your own or with a group, go deeper in your study of the life of Joseph with a synopsis of each chapter, key passages and lessons from the book, additional Scripture readings, and questions for reflection or discussion.

A Reminder of God’s Providence

All Christians can benefit from this book as we seek, like Joseph, to steward each day for the glory of God, rest in His sovereignty, and trust in His promises. Joseph: From Dreamer to Deliverer also makes a meaningful gift for a friend or family member persevering through hardship or experiencing uncertainty about the future. Order your copies today to have a reminder of God’s good providence always on hand to read and share with others.